Welcome to "Eire of Success"


 "Eire of Success" has been created as open global project that enables all Irish people, and all those of Irish heritage, wherever in the world they may be, to connect and celebrate the amazing, positive  achievements and influences the Irish have had in countries worldwide.
There are close to 80,000,000 people around the world with Irish heritage, and from the massive Irish enclaves of the USA & UK to the far outreaches of Chile & Russia the Irish continue to make an impressive mark. No matter what path in life they choose, or where in the world they land, the Irish people have an amzing gift for success

From George Bernard Shaw to Samuel Beckett, Patrick McGoohan to Colin Farrell, Barry McGuigan to Wayne McCulloch, U2 to Clannad, from Bernardo O'Higgins to John F. Kennedy the Irish have managed to reach the pinnacle of success in all that they undertake. Amazing success stories!

The aim of "Eire of Success" is to give every person of Irish heritage the opportunity to shout out your personal favourite Irish success story and at the same time learn about the other wonderful achievements of Irish people along the way.

It is hoped that "Eire of Success" will act as an inspiration to all young Irish people and youngsters of Irish heritage around the world, and let them see that they can achieve absolutely anything they want to in life as they are "Blessed with that dynamic Irish spirit".

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